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Hello. My name is 'DenzoBenzo' and I am the founding member of the Vancouver Benzo Support Group (VBSG). The following information about gaining some relief from severe Benzo withdrawal symptoms, is accumulated during my own personal battle over a four year period, or more, while struggling to withdraw from my own specific Benzo withdrawal symptoms.

Motor Symptom Simple Relief Treatment:

Firstly, I must state that as of this time, there is absolutely NO apparent treatment for Benzo Brain Damage (BBD). Neither drug manufacturers, hospital staff nor general practitioners recognize or admit to there being a definite BBD problem. If you end up seeking help for this ailment (as I did), there is a high chance that you will be simply told that you are suffering from an anxiety problem (as I was - twice). No one in the medical profession will ever admit that they don't actually know what this BBD problem really is.

However, if you are suffering from physical Motor symptoms you could try the following suggestions in order to gain some general relief and comfort.

1) Muscle Stretching Exercise:
As mentioned earlier, stress within the CNS can impact your entire body from the top of your head down to your toes. I found that if I deliberatly stressed my muscles, this would in turn cause my nervous system to calm down and bring more overall comfort and relief. Try the exercise as follows:

Lie on your back on a bed.
Exercise #1 Clasp your hands together and place them behind your head. Push your head back on the pillow and slowly role your neck to right and left.
Exercise #2 Clasp your hands together, straighten and stiffen your arms and slowly raise them up and down from your waist to above your head.
Exercise #3 Point your feet and toes away from you as far as you can and slowly raise both feet up and down by bending at the ankles.
Exercise #4 Bend you left leg up as far over your chest as possible. Clasp it with both arms just below the knee and pull the leg gently into your chest.
Now at the same time try to force your leg away from your chest thereby putting your leg under great stress. Then repeat using the right leg.

2) Hot Bath:
Many people will already realize, or believe, that a hot bath can help relax the body. The usual practice is to run a pleasant bath of warm/hot water then get into the bath and relax for some time. However if you take this approach, the water will essentially not be that hot in order to allow you to get into the bath and sit down immediately.

I feel there is a much better way as follows:
a) Start with an empty bath tub.
b) Turn on the hot water tap and adjust until it is nice and warm.
c) Put the plug in the bath and immediately get into the bath yourself.
d) Now as the bath begins to fill up, gradually turn the hot water tap hotter and hotter as the bath fills up
At the same time swish the water around with your hands so that it mixes in well with the water already in the bath.

By taking a bath this way, you will end up sitting in a much hotter bath than if you simply sit in the bath from the very start.
During each bath, make sure that you lay back in the bath so as to fully immerse your neck and shoulders as these areas get greatly affected by CNS pressure.
Try to relax in the bath for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards, lie on your bed and allow your body to cool off very slowly.

I personally found a hot bath could temporarily reduce the overall stress in my nervous system by about 50% for 24 hours or so.

3) Hot Water Bottle:
As mentioned, whatever is wrong in the brain can cause massive stress/pressure throughout the entire Central Nervous System (CNS). Most frequently, this can cause pain and discomfort in the nerves that are centered next to the stomach and just below the rib cage. I found that placing a hot water bottle over this area for at least thirty minutes could bring significant relief and greater comfort. Also you can try placing a hot water bottle on the back of your neck for about 20 minutes and see if that helps.

4) Nerve Massage:
You could also try gently massaging this same area mentioned above i.e. the nerves centered next to the stomach and just below the rib cage. Place the fingertips of the left hand gently over the sore nerve area then push the left finger tips deeper down into the flesh with your right hand. Now gently move the finger tips in a circular motion over any sore area for five minutes or so.

5) Leg Cramps:
I found that CNS pressure can also cause leg cramps, especially first thing in the morning. If this happens, immediately get out of bed and stand up straight and tall. For further relief, raise both arms and place your hands flat on the wall. Now lean gently forward so as to stretch out both your legs and feet.

Additionally, you can try this lower leg massage:
a) Lie on your back on a bed.
b) Raise your left leg up into the shape of a mountain (like this /\).
c) Place your right leg lower calf muscles on top of the mountain.
d) Move your right leg back and forth across the mountain so as to massage the right leg calf.
e) After a few minute switch sides.

6) Simple Sleep Medications:
As mentioned previously, I found that all my Motor symptoms tended to increase during the night when I am trying to relax and sleep. Although being loathe to taking more drugs of any sort, I did try taking relatively harmless sleeping aids such as Advil Nighttime or Tylenol Nighttime. I found this extremely helpful as it not only allowed me to sleep a few more hours per night, but also enabled me to avoid just lying there in total discomfort due to raging Motor symptoms.

7) Daily Exercise:
Do not be afraid to get some overall exercise to the body during the day. Although every part of your body may be achy/pain, I found that giving the body regular daily exercise actually helped me sleep better at night.

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